Chateau de CHEVERNY - Val de Loire


Until 25 June


Exhibition LEGO® : The fables of La Fontaine

New exhibition LEGO® in Cheverny !

LEGO bricks history: les Fables de La Fontaine – until June 25th, 2018

Rediscover an exhibition dedicated to the famous Fables of the renowned French 17th century poet, Jean de La Fontaine.

You will admire the reproduction works in the LEGO Bricks: pictures, scenes and life-size animal sculptures inside the Chateau of Cheverny.

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Epicure Studio 2017 LEGO Certifié Professionnel Georg Schmitt. 5

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ChateaudeChevernyEpicure Studio 2017 LEGO Certifié Professionnel Georg Schmitt
Epicure Studio 2017 - LEGO® Certifié Professionnel Georg Schmitt

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